INSTRUCTIONS: Recording Video with MS Flight Sim

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INSTRUCTIONS: Recording Video with MS Flight Sim

Postby Wedgy » Fri Oct 10, 2008 10:49 am

First download

Once installed and run, you will see the following screen:

Now, click on "Options" and you will see the following:
These are the maximum settings you will need for recording Flight Sim video, you can reduce them as you wish.

Now start up your flight sim, but this is the important part ... You must set up your screen in a window so it does not cover the video recorder winder - like so:

When you are ready to record, hit the record button and some crosshairs appear. You must now select the area of the screen you wish to record - as demonstrated below:
As soon as you release the selected area, the video starts recording! Please note, using the F7/F8 hotkeys will not work (so I have found thus far) as obviously Flight Sim has them assigned to other functions.

Start flying!

When you are ready to finish recording, just hit the "stop" button, you will be presented with a "save as" box where you can select where you want to save the video clip.
DO NOT SAVE IN THE DEFAULT DIRECTORY, save file in your documents or to your desktop. For some reason, if you save them in the default directory - they disappear :(

Post to YouTube!


These instructions purely reflect my 1 hour's worth of experience with this program - please feel free to post any tips/enhancements to these instructions you may find.

You can either record "live flight" or an "instant replay"/"Flight Video" - for obvious reasons, recording an instant replay or pre-recorded flight video is less fiddlely ;)

In the options there is a way of pre-selecting the area you wish to record (a "fixed region"):
but I have yet to test this and also it relies on the window you wish to record NOT MOVING even a pixel in any direction.


Ignore my flying skills, I was too busy trying to figure out how to record the video!

e.g. One:
Recording a "live flight"

e.g. Two:
Recording an "Instant Replay"

e.g. Three:
Recording a "Flight Video"
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Re: INSTRUCTIONS: Recording Video with MS Flight Sim

Postby Saracenman » Sun Oct 12, 2008 4:38 pm

right,i've tried it myself and it really is as easy as Wedgy says it is :D

only a couple of things to add though:

1) it IS possible to record full-screen - well, a maximised WINDOW anyway; open Freez Screen - maximise your FSX window (so that you can still see the taskbar at the bottom of the screen) - pause your flight/replay - set the cross-hairs to INCLUDE the little Freez Screen window - press record - minimise Freez Screen - unpause (if there is such a word!) your flight/replay.

2) sound - Wedgy's clips included sound, but Freez Screen uses the microphone to record the sound from the speakers! i don't have an integral mic, so Freez Screen didn't record the sound of my clip! i will mess with the settings and stuff later to see if this can be rectified, although i suspect that i'll have to plug my mic in to get the same result as Wedgy. obviously, because the mic is being used - any yelling "oh my god i'm crashing........i'm going to D-I-E !!!!!" will be recorded also ;)

otherwise - very easy todownload/install and use.

good find Wedgy :D

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