A E (Chris)Wren's WW2 oddentities cartoons.

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A E (Chris)Wren's WW2 oddentities cartoons.

Postby Laurie » Mon Mar 11, 2013 6:18 pm

:D Hi Im new here! but not to Aviation. My family ties to Aviation go back to my grandfathers service as a pilot in the RFC in WW1. My father served in the RAF during WW2, flew for Silver city airways in the 60,s and my Uncle also served in the RAF until his retirement just a few years ago.
I was clearing out my loft the other day, as i am moving soon, and came across a box of my fathers odds and sods. I found a half dozen pictures that he used to have on his wall when based during the War, and i remember him telling me that a wartime cartoonist did them, and others, for aircraft recognition. His trademark was the way he cartoonised the pictures, emphasising the aircrafts more prominent features to aid with recognition.
I have search the internet and cannot find any images at all, there are a few paperback copies of booklets on ebay, referring to the artwork, called "Wrens Oddentities", but these are just copies and not originals.
I want to sell the 6 pics that i have, but have no idea of their worth, nor really much about the history of these pictures.
I would be grateful if anyone could advise or inform me about these or where might b a good place to advertise.
I think my dad probably has 6 of the best of them, being the spitfire, desert hurricane, mosquito, sterling bomber, lancaster bomber and the typhoon.
All the pics are about "7 x "4 in size and really colourful.
i would post a photo of them, but cant see how i attach a photo!!
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Re: A E (Chris)Wren's WW2 oddentities cartoons.

Postby Mayfly » Mon Mar 11, 2013 7:55 pm

Welcome to IA.

You need to link to 3rd party such as photobucket or Imageshack the link below should help

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Re: A E (Chris)Wren's WW2 oddentities cartoons.

Postby Nickolas » Mon Mar 11, 2013 9:38 pm

Wow, looking forward to seeing these.
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