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Re: Super Guppy Restoration

Postby Spitfire » Sun Jan 08, 2023 5:03 pm

Yes .. so sad .. I threw a few groats at you for paint one time and went to see the Guppy when I visited the Lightning QRA shed.. it was a beast and no mistake ;)

I have to say I was wrong about the final destination of XH558 .. I said Bruntingthorpe and look where that went .. although Doncaster is going the same way so.. 6 of one etc :( Why save priceless heritage aircraft when you can sell your soul to the highest bidder and make huge profits with little effort. ~x( X(

At least some of Guppy was saved ... good on you for the efforts you put in :ymapplause:

OMG .....PAGE 2 :-o \:D/
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